Hand Crafted fresh when ordered!

I use all organic ingredients sourced as locally as possible!

Nature is the best remedy to nurture all

Welcome & Hello!

Welcome & Hello!


Well this has been a long time coming! Welcome to the new & impruved Essential Harmony website! Home to all my hand made organic skin care ~ made from nature to nurture!

Im Harmony! I’m the creator behind it all ~ and what you see here is my passion!

i started making my own skin care at 16 because I had eczema & that meant there were very few products I could use and what I could use all had massive price tags because it was organic! So I started making my own.. on a quest to make amazing products with the best ingredients but with out the price tag! luckily I had grown up in a community of naturopaths, herbalist, healers & Medicine makers & they over the years had imparted great wisdom! I was also an avid self learner I spent hours, weeks even months researching & making & testing before I had something that resembled skincare! Then it was testing time; and any one that knows me knows I’m an animal lover so there’s no way I would test on them! Nop instead I tested all my products firstly on my self & then i tested them on friends & family! This is still my test method today when devaloping new products! I like to know my products work on all skin types & have the human tick of approval!

But this is how word got out though and how my little project grew in to a business! Two years ago on a cold winters night my skin was dry so I whipped up my first batch of “bliss body butter” & sent samples out to all my loved ones & before I could blink word had spread & people were asking to order it!

it was beyond my wildest dreams, I only started this for me & my loved ones , and all of a sudden it’s turned it’s self in to a booming little business ~ and so Essentail Harmony Natural Beauty was born over night ~ because of the amazing community that came to support, with out them I wouldn’t be in business!

So I started an Instagram (essentailharmony_naturalbeauty) and launched my first few products for sale! They flew out the door! 

Over time I’ve built my range to where it is today, I have products for every skin type & make custome orders for all skins needs! My little passion project turned in to a fully fledged business with its own website & everything~ something I’d never dreamed of & honestly it’s all thanks to people like you! My customers I wouldn’t be here building a website, wriggling a post if not for you guys who supported me to grow! So a massive thank you & welcome to the new & improved Essential Harmony website!

dont forget that if you have any questions & want a custom order just send me a message, I’d love to chat 😘

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