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Tips & Tricks - winter ear ache!

Tips & Tricks - winter ear ache!

Winter is here and with it is flu season! I've had a nasty ear ache all night long so I'm in the kitchen this morning making up some nice warm ear oil!! It's the best thing I've ever used its instant relief and so easy! Try it your self it’s so simple!

*1/4 cup olive oil

*3 cloves of garlic

*1 sprig fresh rosemary

*1 chamomile tea bag

*3 drops lavender oil

*3 drops tea tree oil

*3 Tbs of calendula infused oil (only if you have it)

Put it all in a pot double boiler (a pot of water with a bowl on top) on the lowest heat for 10/15 minutes then strain and let cool till just warm the warmth is so soothing once in your poor achy ears!!

be warned though it’s a little garlicky smelling! So maybe best to do before bed! 

Tips & Tricks-Herbal Facial Steam

Tips & Tricks-Herbal Facial Steam

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Welcome & Hello!