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Tips & Tricks-Herbal Facial Steam

Tips & Tricks-Herbal Facial Steam

As winter really sets in, you’ll notice your skin becomes dryer and lacking lustre… luckily I have a quick and easy solution you can make at home! 

the perfect treat your skin deserves on a sunday afternoon ~ a yummy facial steam!!

its so simple all your going to need is a big bowl, a town, a kettle of hot water & herbs or teas to create your relaxing facial steam.

i used dried lavender, rosemary, sage and green tea and added 1-2 drops of eucalyptus (less is all ways more with essential oils as they are so potent that they can burn your eyes and nostrils if you use to much)

now i know not every one has all of these on hand so look around your cupboard and mix and match your own!

some other ideas;

chamomile tea

green tea 

peppermint tea

dried sage 

dried rosemary 



tea tree 



or any other aromatic herbs from your kitchen or garden. the nutrients & healing oils from the herbs penetrate deep in to your skin, the steam opening your pores to clean them out with out the use of nasty chemicals!

All you need to do is in a large bowl mix your hot water & herbs then stand above it with a towel over your head to catch the steam, it’ll leave you blissed out & your skin rejuvenated! 

And if you used tea bags to infuse your steam simply pop them in the fridge over night and use them as a cool eye treat to revitalise & reduce puffiness!


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