Soothing Sleep Spray - Magnesium Oil

Soothing Sleep Spray - Magnesium Oil

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This Soothing Sleep Spray is perfect to repair & replenish tiered muscles!

And did you know that Magnesium, a crucial trace mineral for the body-is best transdermaly absorbed!

Thats why we created this magical soothing & replenishing blend to nourish your entire being at bedtime… or any time really!

Magnesium Oil infused with Chamomile & Lavender to drift you off to sleep on their sweet scents!

Made with magical water out of the natural spring in my backyard that’s then distilled & infused!


Magnesium chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, Chamomile hydrosol & oil, Lavander hydrosol & oil, Plai oil, Glycerin, distilled natural spring water.

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