Cinnamon Lip Scrub

Cinnamon Lip Scrub


Do your lips get cracked or chapped from the change of season? or perhaps its pash rash ;) or maybe they were damaged from a product..
This lip scrub is the perfect exfoliant to remove the dried & dead skin ~ The oils will soften skin & the local raw rainforest honey will act as a humectant to draw & lock in moisture = soft supple lips 💋

ORGANIC : rapadura sugar, castor sugar, cinnamon oil, honey, olive oil.

dampen lips with a little warm water, tape a large pea size amount of lip scrub and fith your fingertips rub in gentle circles (seriously ladies no need to be rough! that could do damage.) you can also rub your lips together, then rinse off & pat dry.
There should still be a moisture coating on your lips dont wash it all off!

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