Essential Harmony ~ smile with your eyes

Hey I’m Harmony,

Creator of Essential Harmony Natural Beauty 🌸

I hand craft Organic Skincare using ingredients from nature ~

Because Nature Nurtures 🌱

Herbs, oils & ancient plant medicine!

infusing every batch with love and gratitude.

With absolutely no nasties or chemicals to harm you or your loved ones 💛

Providing a soothing and luscious alternative for all skin types!

That’s why I love to work with my customers customising & tailoring products for their skins needs!

My truest intention is to create with an ethical, planet positive & waste free policy.

My goal is to leave a positive impact on our planet 🌎 that’s why I only use sustainable & recyclable packaging! 

Plus there’s always the; “Return to Reduce Reward” - I offer all my customers a 10% discount on their next order in exchange for the return of empty jars! 

We can all do our bit for our planet!



*These products have not been evaluated or certified but all ingredients used are 100% organically certified!

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Contact a healthcare professional if you are in need of these services. 

*Do not ingest, it won’t taste good!

*Please read the ingredients list prior to purchase to ensure that you are not allergic & do a small patch test behind your ear!

I am not liable for any ill effects or reactions caused by the use of product.